The study of pronunciation. Curiously, there are two accepted pronunciations: or'-tho-ep-ee and or-tho'-ip-ee.

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  • Orthoepy — means the doctrine of correct pronunciation within a specific oral tradition. The term is from the Greek ὀρθοέπεια, from ὀρθός orthos correct and ἔπος epos speech. The antonym is cacoepy bad or wrong pronunciation . The pronunciation of the… …   Wikipedia

  • orthoepy — or tho*[ e]*py ([^o]r th[ o]*[ e]*p[y^]; 277), n. [Gr. orqoe peia; orqo s right + e pos a word: cf. F. ortho[ e]pie. See {Ortho }, and {Epic}.] The art of uttering words correctly; a correct pronunciation of words; also, mode of pronunciation.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • orthoepy — [ôr thō′ə pē; ôr′thō ə pē, ôr′thō ep΄ē] n. [ModL orthoepia < Gr orthoepeia < orthos, right + epos, a word: see ORTHO & EPIC] 1. the study of pronunciation; phonology 2. the standard pronunciation of a language orthoepic [ôr΄thō ep′ik] adj.… …   English World dictionary

  • orthoepy — orthoepic /awr thoh ep ik/, orthoepical, adj. orthoepist, n. orthoepistic, adj. /awr thoh euh pee, awr thoh ep ee/, n. the study of correct pronunciation. Also, orthoëpy. [1660 70; < Gk orthoépeia correctness of diction, equiv. to …   Universalium

  • orthoepy — noun Etymology: New Latin orthoepia, from Greek orthoepeia, from orth + epos word more at voice Date: 1668 1. the customary pronunciation of a language 2. the study of the pronunciation of a language • orthoepic adjective • orthoepically adverb • …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • orthoepy — [ ɔ:θəʊɛpi, i:pi, ɔ: θəʊɪpi] noun the study of correct or accepted pronunciation. Derivatives orthoepic ɛpɪk adjective orthoepist noun Origin C17: from Gk orthoepeia correct speech …   English new terms dictionary

  • orthoepy — or·tho·epy …   English syllables

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